Outdoor patio heaters

Summer warmth at the touch of a button

Outdoor gas-fired and electric patio heaters are already standard to many applications, including restaurants, entertainment venues, and stadiums—this trend is continuing to grow. Many people prefer to sit outside even on cold days [so long as it’s comfortable], and having more comfortable seats is great for your bottom-line, too.

Specially designed for outdoor commercial and hospitality establishments: they’re safe, modern, and require little space. With reasonable investment and only low operating costs per day, the pay-off period is short, too. Our outdoor heaters are known for their quality and performance. Take a look at our limitless infrared heating options for your space.

Product portfolio

Schwank commercial hospitality and industrial outdoor heaters


sportSchwank radiant outdoor heaters for arenas, stadiums, and other outdoor entertainment venues are designed to warm spectators and fans whether it’s a cool summer’s evening at the ballpark or a snowy winter’s day at the football field. The sportSchwank outdoor heater is designed using Schwank’s patented infrared radiant heat technology.


Our premium outdoor heater comes in single and 2-stage models. It has an unassuming black finish and insulated cabinet, this allows low clearances to mount closer to structures and is made with 316 marine-grade stainless steel for premium performance construction and longevity in harsh environments and coastal regions.


With flexible mounting options, the bistroSchwank comes in single and 2-stage models. It’s made with 316 marine-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion and comes in two finish options: stainless steel or black. 

*Model is shown here with optional faceplate installed.



Our heavy-duty commercial-grade outdoor portable propane and fixed mount natural gas models are a low-cost option. The parasol gas heater comes in a modern durable stainless steel finish and offers an easy to ignite and adjust heat with a turn control.


This overhead-style economical commercial outdoor infrared tube heater is available in powder-coated grey or stainless steel for corrosion & moisture resistance and has an optional tuxedo grill. It has low clearances, which means you can mount it closer to surrounding structures. Available in natural gas or propane models.



This overhead commercial radiant tube heater for patios comes pre-assembled for quick installation. It requires only low clearances to mount closer to structures and offers an optional safety grill.



electricSchwank IR heaters offer a streamlined, yet effective heating solution for indoor or outdoor spaces. Available in a range of heater sizes and voltages. 


Shake Shack, West Hollywood

West Hollywood, California

“The Shake Shack easily adapted their outdoor space to create an inviting, comfortable experience for their Shack fans.”

Video: Hear from our customers

I would definitely recommend patioSchwank heaters having had the experience of previously using mushroom head heaters, there’s just no comparison.

~ Dry Dock Waterfront Grill on the bistroSchwank

[Watch time 4 min]


Advantages of Schwank outdoor heaters

Heat options for the smallest patio spaces to very large outdoor spaces and every outdoor space in between.
  • Improved use of the outdoor areas, even on colder days
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by providing a uniform heat across the space
  • Increased sales revenues thanks to greater capacity in season and over additional months
  • Amortisation typically within 1-2 seasons
  • Efficient quiet comfort thanks to innovative gas infrared technology
  • Space-saving flexible mounting options with wall, ceiling, or post-mount installation
  • Serviceability with easy access to the control panel for ease of serviceability.
  • Made in North America and designed to sustain the varying environmental climate conditions
  • A 1-3 year manufacturer warranty

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