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MonsterFans DD Series

Direct-Drive HVLS Fan

Built with a gearless direct-drive Nidec motor, this commercial industrial HVLS fan provides Monster Comfort with by moving Monster amounts of air in the space.


  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution centers
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Airplane hangars
  • Industrial applications


Our MonsterFans provide monster comfort by moving monster amounts of air volumes at a slow non-disruptive speed. See how Schwank MonsterFans work.

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MonsterFans DD Series highlights

Direct-Drive HVLS Fan

Discover our MonsterFans DNA


  • Diameter 8–24 feet [2.4–7.3 meters]
  • 264 CFM/Watt
  • 53-105 RPM
  • 5 anodized aluminum blades
  • Gearless direct-drive permanent magnet motor
  • Unbreakable alloy hub [713 cast aluminum alloy]


  • 5-year warranty on motor, gearbox, and control panel
  • Lifetime warranty on blades, hub, and mounting system


  • Five airfoil blades are a larger width at 10¼” for Monster air movement
  • Blade design offers a unique angle of attack up to 23°
  • Built-in 20,000 lumens LED dimmable light
  • Versatile mounting to bar joists, i-beams, purlins, and wood frames
  • Certified by UL and CSA


  • Building Management System [BMS] integration
  • Learn about Monster Control options
  • Optional wind sensor and mounting kit extensions


MonsterFans DD Series resources

Explore product brochures, case studies & technical information.


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Technical documents

Installation Manual

Electrical Manual

Standard Mount Installation

Purlin Mount Installation


Technical Spec

AutoCAD Drawings [DWG]

AutoCAD Drawings [PDF]

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