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Commercial portable outdoor stand heaters

If you don’t have a roof or nearby walls to mount heaters, parasolSchwank natural gas patio heaters are a great portable heater option that will keep your customers comfortable.


  • Commercial patios with no roof or nearby walls

parasolSchwank highlights

Portable and fixed-mount commercial patio heaters

These 90” gas patio heaters are built on sturdy 4″ wheels and can easily be moved from one location to another and can be moved to secure storage. 32” wide at the base, these heaters are available in a portable unit [the base holds a 20/30lb propane tank] and a fixed unit, fueled from your natural gas line.

The stainless steel enclosure and sleek design blend easily into any restaurant design. The portable line is design certified by CSA International for use outdoors in accordance with current ANSI standards.

Available models

  • Portable propane or fixed mount natural gas models
  • 38,000 BTU/HR
  • The large reflector and conical shape burner puts similar heat on the floor as larger BTUH units – uses less fuel
  • 90”h x 32”w heater dimensions
  • Available in single-stage


  • Warranty 1-year [parts] and 3-year [burner and mantle]


  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction commercial grade, for durability and to avoid denting
  • Control options include a variable switch
  • Extra-large propane tank container [20-30lbs], provides longer run times and fewer tank changeovers
  • Dual conical-shaped stainless-steel mantel [heat exchanger] built for durability and shaped to focus radiant energy on the floor
  • Easy to use battery-powered spark ignition
  • Durable wheels on the portable which allow for easy movability like a suitcase. No heavy lifting required


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