Schwank High Intensity Gas Infrared Heaters IR Radiant Efficiency

High Output Warehouse Heaters for High Ceilings

If you’ve got medium to high ceilings, Schwank high intensity heaters can handle the toughest job for you and get comfort right down to floor level without wasting a lot of heat and money…and without needlessly affecting the environment.

Schwank infrared gas heaters are designed to efficiently handle ceiling heights of up to 180 feet [55m], making them the perfect warehouse heater.

Because infrared heat waves are absorbed by objects and not the surrounding air, these high intensity heaters provide immediate heating solutions all the way down to ground level.

Modern, Energy Efficient Overhead Heaters Means Cost Savings

Schwank infrared heaters are designed to provide clear cost savings and environmental advantages over traditional convector/forced air heaters.

Here’s a comparison of our three available high intensity infrared heaters:

Performance Highlights Model
Best Energy Savings Up to 65% energy savings supraSchwank
High Energy Efficiency Up to 50% energy savings primoSchwank
Industry Standard Efficiency, economy and performance ecoSchwank

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what independent labs say about Schwank infrared heaters.

Schwank heater performance is verified by independent lab testing to ANSI Z83.6 standard [currently ANSI Z83.19b/CSA 2.35b] and by DVGW when tested to EN 419-2 standard.  [Results available on request]:

  • supraSchwank:  81.2% IR efficiency1
  • primoSchwank:  67.7% IR efficiency2
  • ecoSchwank:  52% IR efficiency3

Note: The North American ANSI Z83.19b/CSA 2.35b minimum standard is 35%

Infrared Heaters with Outstanding Performance

IR or radiant efficiency measures the amount of heat that actually warms people, not the surrounding air. Schwank gas infrared radiant heaters deliver outstanding performance because of the innovative technology and strict production standards behind our overhead infrared heaters.

Compare Infrared Heater Advantages between the different Schwank high intensity heaters. Learn more about our High Intensity Heat technology.

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1 supraSchwank 40:  verified according to ANSI Z83.6 standard [currently ANSI Z83.19b/CSA 2.35b] and by DVGW to EN 419-2]
2 primoSchwank 30:  verified according to ANSI Z83.6 standard [currently ANSI Z83.19b/CSA 2.35b] and by DVGW to EN 419-2]
3 ecoSchwank 52:  verified according to ANSI Z83.6 standard [currently ANSI Z83.19b/CSA 2.35b] and by DVGW to EN 419-2]