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SchwankAir curtains create an effective seal by recirculating the facility air in a smooth laminar flow across an open doorway. This creates an air seal, like a waterfall, that prevents leakage of air between two areas with different pressure and climate.

The more laminar this airflow, the harder it is for outside air, insects, or dust to penetrate the air curtain. With air curtains, building operators supplement their industrial space heating and cooling systems efficiently and avoid unnecessary energy loss and draughts.

Schwank offers a variety of air curtain products, covering almost every individual application. They are also suited for new builds as well as retrofits.

Product overview

Commercial air curtains


Select10 Series 

Surface mount air curtain up to 10′ high for commercial entranceway doors. Available in multiple-width electric heated and ambient models, plus the quietest operation in its class.


Select12 Series

AMCA-certified high-efficiency air curtain that mounts on doors up to 12′. Built with an EC Motor for whisper-quiet operation, and mount it anywhere with horizontal applications.


Select12R Series

AMCA-certified unit is intended for recessed mounting up to 12′ in commercial buildings and small industrial entrances. Available in electric, ambient, and hot water models.


Select14 Series

AMCA-certified model for horizontal, vertical, and recessed installation for mounting up to 14′, and is built with an EC Motor and intelligent controls, which provide significantly low operating costs.


Select14R Series

AMCA-certified high-efficiency recessed air curtain for commercial premises with mounting up to 14′. Built with an EC motor and intelligent control in electric, ambient, and hot water models.


Breeze8 Series (2000) 

These units easily mount on any door up to 8’ high in order to create an air seal. Available in electric amodels and varied voltage options to suit any type of application.


Breeze10 Series (2500)

These units easily mount on any door up to 10′ high in order to create an air seal. Available in electric and varied voltage options to suit any type of application.


Breeze9 Series (1200)

A premium high-efficiency 120 voltage air curtain model that easily mounts on any door up to 9’ high and creates an efficient air seal. These can be stacked for wider openings.

Industrial air curtains


Grand18 & Grand26 Series

High-efficiency air curtains that mount on doors up from 12′ to 24′. Built with an EC Motor for whisper-quiet operation, and mount it anywhere with vertical or horizontal applications.


Epic14 Series

The Epic Series air curtain is engineered with a high-efficiency EC Motor, configurable control offerings, and flexibility in handling a range of mounting heights (10′ to 14′) for industrial spaces. 

Air curtains for drive-thru


Swift5 Series

The Swift5 series is primarily intended for small openings such as kiosk and drive-thru windows and retail windows where a long, narrow air flow is required. 

Benefits of SchwankAir curtains

Added value through air curtain systems

Air curtains

Small investment, big effect
Open doors and gates are a drain on heating systems, allowing expensive winter heat and summer cooling to slip away. Air curtains spare energy costs by stopping these climate losses. You can lean on our expertise to design and install an air curtain system for your space.


Simple technology with a big impact
  • Lower your energy costs by reducing the loss of hot/cold air through open doors
  • Save you from excessive cleaning by keeping dust and bugs outside
  • Prevent draughts thereby keeping employees and customers more comfortable

An end to uncontrolled ventilation

Reducing heating costs with air curtains

Air curtains blow ambient air or heated air directly across the opened gate. This creates a separation between the outdoor air and the indoor environment. Unpleasant draughts from the outside are therefore prevented, which enhances employee satisfaction in a sustainable manner. They’re a wonderful way to save energy by heating/cooling.

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