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Our premium products are rooted in our history of German engineering and the Schwank company, which began in 1933. Today, we have operations in over 12 countries, and thanks to our continuous investment in engineering, research, and development, Schwank products are renowned for their efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

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Schwank history

German engineering

We’re exceptionally good at heating

For more than 85 years we have been continuously developing ourselves and our products. Our consistent improvement has made us the global market leader in the field of energy-efficient heating solutions for industrial, commercial, and logistics applications.

We believe that the most crucial element in providing innovative heating solutions is dedication–dedication to our customers and creating exceptional products. It’s extremely important to us that every customer is happy they selected Schwank.

Günther Schwank pictured here.

Choosing Schwank

Reasons why our customers choose Schwank

We are told we have the best lead times
  • Your time is precious, so we maintain the shortest lead times in the industry. Most orders typically ship within 1 week.  Check our lead time indicator for
    the latest update.
Manufactured in the USA and Canada
  • Enjoy premium product quality, consistency, and short lead times, thanks to our local manufacturing in North America.
Design assistance
  • We offer comprehensive design and quotation services to ensure you get the best possible end result.
Cutting-edge technology
  • With Schwank, you can rest assured that your system is built with innovation top of mind. Schwank continues to lead with ongoing investment in engineering and R&D.
Local and available when you need us
  • Some things are best done the traditional way. When you phone us, expect a real live person to answer during business hours. And our extensive coverage means we have people near you to help.
Quality products
  • Select from a wide range of options: Schwank infrared products are available in higher BTU options and longer unit lengths than any other brand.
  • With more than 2 million units installed globally, Schwank products will give you total peace of mind.
  • Before a Schwank unit leaves our doors, our products are thoroughly tested to proudly provide a product warranty you can count on.

We have continuously developed ourselves and our products for over 85 years. As a result of this consistent improvement, Schwank has become the global market leader in the field of energy-efficient heating solutions based on infrared technology particularly for commercial, industrial buildings, large and outdoor spaces. With the highest quality standards, we have steadily expanded our product range over the years.

Be it innovative high-intensity heaters, tube heaters, outdoor heaters, air curtains, or MonsterFans big ceiling fans – we offer our customers the entire spectrum of economical system technologies from a single source.

Schwank international

Heating and cooling solutions from the world market leader
Schwank is a global player with 12 subsidiaries, with a comprehensive network of partners represented in over 40 countries around the world.

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