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Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

Eric Hammersane, Owner

Longboat Key, Florida, USA

“I would definitely recommend patioSchwank heaters. Having had the experience of previously using mushroom head heaters, there’s just no comparison … [and] the customers love them.”


Whole Foods Market

Palm Desert, California

“The Whole Foods patio gets a patioSchwank outdoor heater makeover.”


Residential Customer

Montreal, Canada

“Honestly, this is great. The dimmer control is really perfect. One can precisely adjust the right heat desired.”



Fontana, CA

“Heating Boston’s with bistroSchwank [2100 Series]
outdoor patio heaters.”


Earl’s Kitchen and Bar

Whistler, BC

“Earl’s turns on the heat with supremeSchwank patio heaters.”



Las Vegas, NV

“Heating the Vegas strip with bistroSchwank [2100 Series] outdoor heaters.”


Stone Brewing Co.

Escondido, CA

“Stone Brewing keeps the beers cold, and the people warm with supremeSchwank [2300 Series] patio heaters.”


Shake Shack, West Hollywood

West Hollywood, California

“The Shake Shack easily adapted their outdoor space to create an inviting, comfortable experience for their Shack fans.”


Distribution Partner, NJ

New Jersey, USA

“The patio heaters have seriously added to our living space. The weather at the Jersey Shore has been slow to warm up and this has allowed us to be outside day and night all weekend long!”


Point Loma Seafoods

San Diego, CA

“Keep the fish fresh and the customers comfortable.”

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