Why the Schwank Name Matters In Radiant Tube and Gas Infrared Heaters

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It’s personal. Nearly eight decades ago, Günther Schwank invented the world’s first gas infrared radiant heater, which revolutionized the way we think about heating our businesses and homes.

Today Schwank is still run by the Schwank family. We know that Günther would be proud of our global initiatives to bring innovative infrared heating solutions to wherever it is needed.

We simply won’t stand for less than the best and offer our customers cost efficient, modern heating solutions including low [and high] intensity heaters, radiant tube heaters, outdoor gas fired heaters and electric overhead heaters. It’s the way we like it and the way our customers like it too.

The Power of Infrared Heating

Our infrared heating technologies imitate how the sun heats the earth. Just like you can feel the warm sun on a cool day you can also feel warm in a cold space with Schwank overhead infrared heaters; there is minimal heat loss and there’s no need to waste energy heating the cold air between you and the heater.

It’s just one more reason to choose Schwank’s energy efficient and cost effective infrared gas heaters! For more information, US and Canada customers please:

  Toll Free: 1-877-446-3727 [USA & Canada]
  E-Mail: csr@schwankgroup.com
  Request Info: Design, Spec, Audit Request Form


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Earn up to $2,400 per unit by installing SchwankAir Curtains and up to $1,000 per unit by installing Schwank Infrared Heaters. Click here to find out more.


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