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A global family-owned enterprise, Schwank has been synonymous with delivering the highest-quality and energy-saving climate systems —including infrared heaters, electric infrared heaters, air curtains, system controls, and MonsterFans HVLS— tailored to endure varying and demanding conditions in commercial, industrial, and hospitality applications. While, committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and comprehensive design services.

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Infrared Heating

The right energy-efficient heating system for every project space. Browse the extensive line of infrared radiant heaters: tube heaters, patio, and outdoor heating, electric heating, and luminous high-intensity heaters.

Air Curtains

Protect your climate, save on energy.

Lock in a highly efficient climate seal and block out insects, dust and outside air with a selection of Schwank air curtain systems.

Hydrogen Heating (H₂)

Thanks to the innovative technology, the hydrogen industrial heating system offer a flexible and future-proof solution for climate-neutral heating with 100% hydrogen.

MonsterFans HVLS

Cool in the summer, cost savings in the winter.

Create a comfortable environment with our industrial-grade strength line of high-volume, low-speed MonsterFans.

Electric Infrared Heating

Streamlined yet effective heating solution for any indoor or outdoor spaces. They are available in a range of sizes, wattages, and voltages that can provide appropriate warmth to any indoor or outdoor area. With single bulb or dual-bulb models.

Control Technology

Optimize operations with intuitive controls.

Improve energy savings and reduce operating costs with integrated control technology engineered specifically for Schwank equipment within a building HVAC system.

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Connect with our design/quotation team to recommend and support specifying the required heaters or air curtains to minimize heat loss and maximize comfort for your unique environment. Your Schwank team will partner with you to guide you through the entire process.

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Our premium products are rooted in our history of German engineering, and the Schwank brand, which began in 1936. Today, we have operations in over 40 countries, and thanks to our continuous investment in engineering, research and development, Schwank products are renowned for their efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

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