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Properly heating and controlling the temperature of your property has a good return on investment: when guests are comfortable they stay longer, spend more money, and have a better time. patioSchwank portable, electric, and gas-fired infrared heaters, HVLS fans, and air curtains create the ideal climate for your guests. True to the Schwank brand, they perform well, look sleek, and last for years to come.

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“I would definitely recommend patioSchwank heaters. Having had the experience of previously using mushroom head heaters, there’s just no comparison … (and) the customers love them.”

Eric Hammersane
Owner, Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

Advantages of a Schwank outdoor patio solution

Proven technology

Our patioSchwank heaters use cutting-edge patented Schwank ceramic tiles that provide high-intensity heat, with a quick ramp-up time and energy-efficient heat distribution. Plus, for decades, the name Schwank has been synonymous with high-quality, highly efficient climate systems. Browse our extensive line of gas and electric infrared heaters, HVLS fans, and air curtains.

Energy cost savings

The patioSchwank heaters utilize high-intensity infrared technology to heat like the sun. Unlike forced air systems, our heaters heat objects instead of the surrounding air to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. By heating objects, patioSchwank is able to save more energy and decrease heat losses.

For additional savings, bundle in a MonsterFan big ceiling fan that uses variable frequency drives which are highly efficient.

Premium construction

Engineered for performance, our bistroSchwank and supremeSchwank heater models are all made with high-quality Marine Grade 316 stainless steel material to prevent the heater from rusting or peeling from varying environmental factors.  Manufactured in the USA and Canada.

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