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Did you know that Schwank has heated the most pro-open-air stadiums in the world, including the Carolina Panthers NFL Stadium, BC Place in Canada, Real Madrid Stadium in Spain, and Chelsea Football Club in the UK? We also heat collegiate stadiums across the USA including Kansas State University, Rutgers University, West Virginia University, The University of Louisville, The University of Kentucky, and many many more! Properly heating your property  Schwank climate systems keep spectators comfortable and offer a good return on investment: when guests are comfortable they stay longer, spend more money, and have a better time

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“The issue with the hold heating system is the large volume of air (in the stadium). The stadium is roughly 85M cubic feet of air. We don’t need to heat all that space — especially for our special events, concerts, and flat shows … we only need to heat the floor area. The infrared heating allows us to do that. As well, in our concourse areas, instead of heating the entire volume, we’re only heating the area occupied by our guests.”

Brian Griffin
Director of Facility Operations, BC Place

Advantages of Schwank heating and cooling solutions in sports applications

Quick ramp-up times

Due to the immediate readiness for the operation of an infrared radiant heating system, long heat-up times are no longer necessary.

Added comfort

A Schwank stadium system provides ultimate comfort.  The heat from gas infrared heaters is transferred in the form of electromagnetic waves that travel through the air without heating it. It warms open stadium spaces up to 64°F (18°C) on a cool 46°F (8°C) day.  Our MonsterFans provide a cool breeze in the summer months, as the breeze passes over the skin, the ambient temperature is reduced by about 41ºF (5ºC), creating an improved level of comfort at minimal operating costs.


Schwank infrared outdoor heating systems create the ideal climate for as little as 5 cents per fan per game you can provide exceptional heat!

Schwank infrared technology can also heat your concourse and other guest and staff areas. For stadium restaurants, patioSchwank heaters are a great option.

Our technology is suitable for both retrofits and new builds, and Schwank outdoor gas heaters can be installed as high as 180 feet (55m) above the seats and still be enjoyed by fans below.

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Proven technology

For decades, the name Schwank has been synonymous with high-quality, highly efficient climate systems. Browse our extensive line of gas and electric
infrared heaters, HVLS fans, and air curtains, which efficiently provide a uniform temperature level in the space.

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