Heating controls by Schwank

IR and electric heating control systems

Schwank control technology has been developed specifically for Schwank radiant heating products and the uniqueness of controlling climate and heating units in commercial and industrial environments. Regular air temperature thermostats ONLY sense ambient air temperature​. Controlling IR heaters with air temperature thermostats is not an accurate way to control​ as the comfort temperature in the space will be warmer than what the air temperature indicates​. To properly control radiant heaters the thermostat must also sense radiant temperature​.

We offer two types of control technology, the first our TrueTemp IR Thermostate senses radiant and ambient temperatures to establish the most comfortable temperature while reducing heat loss and operating costs. The Schwank ThermoControl Plus will communicate with an existing building management system [BMS] or IR heating management system. 

Schwank heating controls


ThermoControl Plus

A programmable thermostat multi-zone controller for single-stage, 2-stage, and full modulating heating systems. Designed to regulate building heat comfort delivery according to requirements of the building, outside temperature, and the desired temperature.


TruTemp IR thermostat

Unlike conventional thermostats that measure only air temperature, this thermostat senses and averages radiant and ambient temperatures to maintain a comfortable temperature and maximize energy savings.


24V/120V thermostats

We carry a range of other thermostats, including line voltage control, 24 Vac control, 2-stage thermostatic control, and moisture resistant control for wet applications.

Schwank outdoor patio heating controls


Switch controls

Available in single-switch, double-switch, and triple switch control models, this control can manage one or more zones with variations from 1-12 heaters.


Solid-state control

This analog controller has a digital timer and controls up to two 2-stage heaters with this switch or two zones of up to 8 heaters. It is compatible with Schwank electric heaters.


Patio panel control

This panel mounts directly onto the wall where you can quickly change settings for all of your patio units individually or simultaneously by zone.


Remote control

Control up to 4 heaters
[single-stage only] or 4 zones with this easy-to-use wireless remote.

Electric heater control

This no-fuss solid-state control features a digital timer. It’s compatible with all-electric heater units and controls up to two 2-stage heaters with this or 2 zones of up to 8 heaters.


Electric simple switch 

This is a great, low-cost control option for all single-element heaters. It is compatible with all electric heaters.

Schwank special application heating controls


Arena heating control

This arena control panel centrally controls the duration of operation of Schwank heaters for arena spectator heating or any application where duration control of multi-zone heating is required using a master timer.

Benefits of Schwank heating controls

Get the best from your Schwank system

Smart design

A perfect fit for any environment
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly design
  • Premium design and manufacturing
  • Built to last
  • A range of control options available
  • Controls for electric- and gas-fuelled units



  • Available in single-switch, double-switch, and triple-switch models
  • Single or multiple zone options [no limits], variations from 1-12 heaters
  • Integrates with your existing building management system [BMS]

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