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Heating and climate systems for industry, trade and logistics

For decades, we’ve invested in development, research, and manufacturing to bring you the very best in gas-fired infrared heaters, high-intensity ceramic burners, air curtains, big ceiling fans, and controls.

All of our products are designed and built to shine in even the toughest of conditions and deliver extreme energy-efficiency.

Undeniably the best in infrared heating, air curtains and HVLS fans

We’re local and available when you need us

Some things are best done the old-fashioned way. When you phone us, expect a real live person to answer during business hours. And our extensive coverage means we have people near you to help. We offer comprehensive design and quotation services to ensure you get the best possible end result.

Cutting edge tech

With Schwank, you can rest assured that your system is built with the latest technology. For decades, Schwank has led the charge with continuous investment in engineering and R&D.

Quality products

Schwank products will give you total peace of mind. We proudly have a super low 0.5% warranty redemption rate and a product warranty you can count on. This is why we’re the trusted partner of over 80 companies.

Manufactured in Canada and the USA

We manufacture at home. This is how we maintain premium product quality, consistency, short lead times, and redundancy.

Industry-leading lead times

Your time is precious, so we maintain some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Most orders typically ship in 3 to 5 days.


Heating systems

Browse Schwank’s extensive line of infrared radiant heaters: tube heaters, patio & outdoor heating, electric heating, stadium, and luminous high-intensity heaters, burners, and ceramic tile.

Air curtains

Lock in a highly efficient climate seal and block out insects, dust, and outside air with a SchwankAir curtain system. 

HVLS Monsterfans

Cool in the summer, energy-efficient comfort in the winter-Schwank’s high-velocity, low-speed MonsterFans create a comfortable environment.

Control technologies

Optimize your operations with an intuitive control that balances radiant and ambient temperatures, reduces heat loss, and lowers operating costs.

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Schwank reps will help you select the units and designs that best fit your application, at no charge.


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We can recommend, support specifying, and be a partner through the entire design process.