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Infrared radiant heat is the most energy-efficient, cost-saving technology for warehouses and distribution centers. In these spaces, the high ceilings and air change rate created by bay doors make heating the air with conventional heating systems extremely wasteful compared to infrared technology.

For businesses in these large spaces, economic and environmental objectives, energy-saving, and low operating costs are the most significant decision-making criteria. Warehouse and distribution centers have a number of specific requirements based on their applications, for example:

  • Heating zones in the loading and unloading areas
  • Ensuring basic warehouse heating requirements in the storage and commissioning areas
  • Target areas or workstation heating and cooling of selected areas [workplace clusters]
  • Energy-efficient climate systems to maintain lower operating costs in the large space
  • Air curtains needed at routinely used shipping bay doors to minimize outdoor air affecting the indoor climate
  • Flexibility in the arrangement of units, eg for alternating profiles based on requirements

Schwank climate systems are suitable for both retrofits and new builds. Our warehouse system solutions are also designed to be able to integrate effectively with the building management system software in place to provide the user with excellent operational control.

Warehouses & distribution centers

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Advantages of a Schwank climate solution

Proven technology

For decades, the name Schwank has been synonymous with high-quality, economical commercial and industrial heating systems. Browse our extensive line of gas-fired infrared heating, air curtain systems, and NEW big ceiling fans (HVLS) which efficiently handle ceiling heights of up to 180 feet (55m), and provide a uniform temperature level, the perfect warehouse solution.

Energy cost savings

They utilize infrared technology to heat like the sun. Unlike forced air systems, our heaters heat objects instead of the surrounding air to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. Bundle in SchwankAir curtains to produce a uniform airflow at a precise velocity to create up to a 90% seal on the door. This keeps conditioned air inside, ensuring heating and cooling systems won’t cycle on as often.

Premium construction

Engineered for performance, a Schwank warehouse solution offers a combination of highly engineered features like ECM technology on our infrared tube heaters (superTube), high-efficiency brushless motors on SchwankAir curtains, and direct-drive motors on our big ceiling fans (HVLS fans). Manufactured in the USA and Canada.

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