Radiant Tube Heaters by Schwank

Schwank’s low intensity, sealed-combustion radiant tube heaters are ideal for a wide range of heating applications with low to medium ceiling heights. These highly adaptable tube heaters provide the highest level of comfort and functionality.

Dusty or negative air conditions are no problem for Schwank’s infrared heaters since fresh outside combustible air can be ducted to the sealed burner for safe and trouble-free operation.

Schwank Gas Infrared Heaters utilize a technology that delivers more comfort for less cost. Our unique “long flame” design lasts up to five times longer than the flames in competing radiant tube heaters.

Schwank tube heaters produce higher radiant efficiency and more uniform heat distribution with typical fuel savings of 35% to 50% over conventional forced-air heating systems as realized by the majority of our customers.

Schwank Radiant Tube Heaters Overview

Below is a description of Schwank’s line up of five built-to-last radiant tube heaters.

Performance Highlights Model
Best Energy Savings Up to 60% energy savings for industrial warehouse heating and commercial applications. ultraSchwank
High Energy Efficiency Up to 50% energy savings for industrial and commercial facilities, sport arenas and outdoor heating. premierSchwank
Industry Standard At least 35% energy savings for industrial and commercial applications, spot heating and loading dock applications. builderSchwank
Economical Room Heater Energy efficient infrared heating solution for loading docks and production facilities builderSchwank
Moisture and corrosion-resistant for harsh and damp environments make duraSchwank perfect car wash heaters. duraSchwank
Workshops Comfort and savings ideal residential heater for garage or workshop. compactSchwank 

Schwank Radiant Tube Heater Highlights

There are several outstanding product features that make a Schwank overhead radiant tube heater the best in the industry, including:

  • Long lasting construction with corrosion resistant parts, sealed tube heaters and protected fans
  • Easy maintenance with simple latch access [no need to turn off heater burner]
  • Energy savings up to 50% offers payback period as small as 1 year
  • Quiet “Whisper Jet” burners operate even lower than background noise
  • Uniform heat distribution pressure fan for optimal heating of space

Learn more about the benefits of Schwank tube heaters by previewing the following collection of gas fired radiant tube heaters. Click on any of the five radiant tube heater images below:

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