A Stylish Air Curtain for Entranceways | Schwank Select10 Series Air Curtain

Stylish air curtain model for your entrances.

Introducing the new Schwank Select10 Series Air Curtains for commercial applications.


The Select10 Series offers great energy savings, a comfortable indoor climate, and a low sound level. The Select10 Series is suitable for most small entrances. The air curtain has an integrated control system and can also be remotely controlled, which makes it very easy to install and use.


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in black or white color options.

Discover why it is different from the rest.

Quiet Operation

Select Series air curtain offers the lowest sound rating amongst the competition. The unit’s top air intake is designed to direct sounds away from occupants. Generally, turbulence inside the air curtain causes higher levels of sound. In Select Series Air Curtains, turbulence is minimized by exceptional plenum and nozzle design.

Modernized Design

Sleek model shape to blend seamlessly in the space. With an accessible latched / snap-on front cover for easy maintenance access. Available in two colors to blend in with any space within a commercial space.

EC Motors

Energy-efficient EC Motors with energy-saving features engineered for performance. With quick ramp-up times, optimal airflow, and modulating speed, the Select10 Series Air Curtain offers one of the most energy-efficient air curtains in its class.

Effective Climate Separation

Many air curtains create excessive or too little airflow to provide an effective seal at ground level. The Select10 Series provides the most optimal airflow to ensure there is no turbulence at ground level. The nozzle is vital in minimizing turbulence at ground level and air direction. The small air pocket (egg-crate) type design is a uniform air stream and an effective air barrier. The Select10 Series Air Curtain outlet grilles make it easy to direct the air to resist pressure loads in the opening so that energy losses are minimized.


To learn more about Schwank Select10 Series Air Curtains, visit our page to see more pictures and technical specs.

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