Schwank history

85 years of innovation & growth

A short history of a big family company

1933 – A world first

Günther Schwank founded the company in Fegersheim, Alsace, France.


Günther Schwank began working on the first gas infrared radiator and a patent was issued for his design.

1951- Go time

In Hamberg, series production commenced and we took the technology to market.

1956 – A new home

Schwank moves to a beautiful new building in Cologne. This same building is our headquarters today, and it is a venerated establishment in the city.

1970 – Succession

Bernd Schwank, son of company founder Günther Schwank joins the company. A short while later, we opened our first international subsidiary.

1973 – Moving west

On the heels of opening offices across Europe, Schwank brought its technology to North America, including local manufacturing in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Schwank expanded its North American operations to the United States with local manufacturing in Waynesboro, Georgia.

1995 – Going east

Schwank partners with the Russian company Gazprom.

2004 – Third generation

Oliver Schwank joins and is the third family member to lead the company.

2008 – 75th anniversary

A landmark event in our history of supplying the world with efficient IR heating solutions.

Bernd Schwank pictured here.


Schwank USA has been recognized for excellence in product design in the 24th annual Product of the Year Award program sponsored by Plant Engineering Magazine.

Schwank was honored for its innovation performance when presented by the AHR Expo with the Innovation Award in the United States.


2010 – Innovation continues

Inauguration of the new Schwank Innovation Center for the development of tube and high-intensity (luminous) heaters and new HVAC technologies.



Prof. Friedhelm Schloesser enters the company as the President of Schwank Germany, alongside Oliver Schwank CEO.

2018 – Schwank achievements

Schwank is awarded TOP100 of the most innovative medium-sized enterprises.


Schwank North America expands into air movement with HVLS Fans and Air Curtains. 


North American premiere: superTube tube heater. Schwank presents the first tube heater built with an EC Motor across the full range of models.

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