MonsterFans [HVLS] controls

Controllers for big fans

Convenience and reliability are critical when it comes to controlling your industrial fans. Because we want you to love your Schwank MonsterFans, we’ve developed a range of controllers for you to choose from. Every Schwank controller is designed and manufactured for ease of installation, ease of use and quality.

Product overview

Control technology for MonsterFans

MonsterFans Smart control

This automated flexible fan control operates single or multiple units. It continually tracks temperature and humidity and adjusts fan speed accordingly. It also has an integrated light operation to control on/off, and monitors the performance of the fan motor[s] and drive[s].

MonsterFans Touch control

This single-point control enables you to control each fan independently or by groupings. The intuitive display allows you to control up to 65 fans with this panel, over 1640′ [500m] of wire distance. It has CAT-5 daisy chain connections and remote diagnostics.

Touch Control Manual

SchwankAir Plus Controller

MonsterFans Link control

This single-point fan control handles up to 247 fans, individually or grouped. It uses a BACnet signal and works in conjunction with your building’s automation.

Wind sensor

Optional control for outdoor operation, with automatic fan, shut down in excessively windy conditions.

Benefits of your MonsterFans control systems

Smart design

A perfect fit for your environment
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly design
  • Premium design and manufacturing
  • Built to last
  • Touch screen available
  • Moisture-tolerant



  • Touch screen available
  • Moisture-tolerant
  • Available in single-switch, double-switch, and triple-switch models
  • Single or multiple zone options
  • Integrates with existing building management system [BMS]

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