MonsterFans for Monster Comfort

What are MonsterFans?

Some call these products “Big Fans,” others name them “HVLS Fans,” which stands for high volume, low speed.  At Schwank, we call them “MonsterFans.” Our fans move massive air volumes at a slow non-disruptive speed (typically from 0-120 RPM).

Product portfolio

Monster comfort in retail, commercial, and industrial applications


Style Series

Models range from 7-10 ft diameter HVLS fan works with speeds of 0-120 RPM. The Style Series can be used both indoors and outdoors, with options to individualize your fan with one of our color finishes to style any space. 


DD Series

Built with a gearless direct-drive permanent magnet motor providing whisper-quiet operation for sensitive applications, and a cool 6 MPH breeze for max affected areas up to 230 ft. 


GD Series

The GD Series fan offers diameters ranging from 8ft – 24 ft and delivers maximum speeds of 53-105 RPM. These specific HVLS ceiling fans have 5 extruded anodized aluminum blades (6063) to provide Monster Strength.

Monster principle

Monster Comfort in the summer

That is what our little Monsters do. Our Monsters provide a cool breeze in hot summers by moving high volumes of air at a very low non-disruptive speed (HVLS fans). As the breeze passes over the skin, the fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of 5–7°F (3–4°C) throughout the space.

Cost savings in the winter

Monster comfort is our motto. You lose heat to the ceiling as warm air rises naturally. MonsterFans push the warm air down from the ceiling to the floor level where people work. If, for instance, the heating temperature is set to 65°F (18°C), your heating will work until it reaches 65°F (18°C) on the floor level. Eliminate destratification and distribute the warm air evenly throughout the building with our little monsters. Enabling your heating system to work less, and you, therefore, save substantial operating costs.

Monster benefits

MonsterFans are just not ordinary fans

Monster Comfort

Smart climate from Schwank
  • Upwards of 6 MPH breeze
  • Cooling, destratification, and humidity control options
  • Whisper-quiet operation for sensitive applications
  • Individualize your fan with one of our Style Series color finishes to style any space

Monster Strength

For every monster playground
  • Unbreakable alloy hub (713 cast aluminum alloy)
  • Industrial fan blades are made with high impact polystyrene end caps
  • Maximum strength airfoil blades (5 blades) made with extruded anodized aluminum (6063)
  • The 24′ models offer a reinforced steel insert in the blade
  • Lifetime warranty on blades and hub

Monster Air Movement

A little about MonsterFans Wings
  • Our five fan blade design offer a unique angle of attack up to 23°
  • Larger blades width 10 1/4″ on the direct-drive (DD) and geared-drive (GD) models
  • An even airflow from blade tip to hub
  • Minimal 2 1/2 ” blade flex
  • Upwards of 6 MPH breeze

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