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We manufacture high efficiency heating systems and cooling solutions for industrial buildings and commercial properties across North America. Schwank provides limitless infrared heaters, that are known for their quality, durability and performance. They’re also available in more BTU options and unit lengths than any other brand. Plus, our engineers develop solutions that satisfy the on-site requirements of your project. We concentrate on the highest level of energy efficiency and durability..

Our product portfolio is cutting edge, but we do customer service the old fashioned way. Whether you speak with our customer service team , use one of our complimentary design services, or work with our engineers, you’ll find we’re easy to reach, ready to help, and we know our trade. Take a look at our support services

Schwank products & solutions

Heating design and cooling solutions for every environment

Commercial & industrial

Schwank infrared radiant heating (IR heating) and cooling systems provide total climate comfort while taking into consideration the various challenges commercial and industrial spaces face.

Warehouse & distribution centers

Large open spaces with dust, high ceilings and storage shelves, and fluctuating temperatures from loading bays are no match for our engineers. We’ve designed effective systems for extremely challenging environments, and we can leverage our experience and vast product options for you.

Hospitality & outdoor patios

Comfort is crucial for a great experience — let’s make your guests comfortable, and build a smart, cost-effective heating system at the same time. Whether you have a large hall or cozy outdoor patio, we have a solution for you.

Stadiums & sport venues

Did you know Schwank heats more pro stadiums than any other company? The reason why is simple: Schwank stadium heaters are the only gas-fired IR heating equipment specifically developed to heat stadiums and other large sports venues. They are safe and designed with a focus on the comfort of the athletes, the audience and the guests.

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Schwank has you covered with an extensive combination of a broad range of products for every application.

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