Air curtain controls

Schwank proprietary air curtain control systems

SchwankAir controls make adjusting your air curtains quick and easy. Choose from our four controller options, depending on how simple or feature-reach you want your controller. Whichever you choose, we’ve designed all Schwank controllers to be easy to install, easy to use, and built to last. Many of our SchwankAir air curtains come standard with the controls at no extra cost. 

Product overview

Control technology for SchwankAir

SchwankAir Plus touch controller

Users who prefer touch screens and set-it-and-forget-it controls will love this device. It has Modbus communication, fantastic software, and you can control multiple units with this single controller. This is compatible with the 3500/4500 air curtain models.

Wired controller

Designed to provide superior heat control at the building entrance and to provide measurable energy savings, this controller can be manually controlled for either ambient, low heat or high heat output. Plus​, it offers BMS integration.​ This control comes standard with SchwankAir curtain models 2000/2500 Series. ​
SchwankAir Plus Controller

SchwankAir Plus controller​

This controller has a manually set desired fan speed, 0-10V DC​, an automatic on/off with an optional door switch. It can control multiple units. It’s compatible with 3500/4500 SchwankAir curtains.

Magnetic REED door contact switch

This control automatically turns the air curtain on/off anytime the door opens​, and is ideal for doors that are constantly opening and closing. It comes standard with SchwankAir curtain models 1200, 2000 & 2500 Series​.

Benefits of SchwankAir curtain controls

Get the best from your Schwank system

Smart design

A perfect fit for your environment
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly design
  • Premium design and manufacturing
  • Built to last
  • Moisture-tolerant


  • Multiple control options available
  • Modbus communication
  • Integrates with your existing building management system [BMS]

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