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Schwank smart climate solutions provide total comfort while taking into consideration the challenges such as dirt, dust, spray water, open gates, air change rates, and keeping sensitive machines protected that are presented in industrial commercial buildings. Infrared heating together with a cooling system is far more energy-efficient than another heating tech, and total comfort is crucial for productivity levels to remain high.

In fact, ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requires infrared technology for heating unenclosed spaces such as loading docks. But we don’t stop there. Our Schwank engineers are experts in customizing our systems and solutions to suit the individual factors of the site perfectly.

Commercial & industrial

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“The Schwank heating system keeps our customer’s employees warm in the cold Chicago winters. The TruTemp Thermostats can be set at 50° F and the warehouse employees can walk around with short sleeve shirts on. They are extremely happy with the performance of the Schwank heating system in their facility.”

Frank Mungo Jr., V.P. Communications
TEC, Lansing, IL


Advantages for commercial & industrial spaces

Highest efficiency

Radiant heaters in industry and commercial buildings heat only where it is necessary (compared to conventional warm air heaters), which saves on energy and costs.


If a shift starts in an industrial building, heat is needed immediately. The power of IR provides heat within a few minutes.  

Zone heating

The infrared radiation of the industrial heating heats the surfaces – not the air in the hall. This provides climate control in handling individual zones such as workplaces, assembly lines, etc.

No air movement

Dust and dirt are often generated, especially in production. With infrared heating and air curtains in place, there is no air calculation, dust is not stirred up or moved around inside the building.

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For decades, the name Schwank has been synonymous with high quality, economical commercial and industrial heating systems. Browse our extensive line of gas infrared heating and air curtain systems.

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