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On-Demand Webinars 2023
Webinar Link
Outdoor Climate Solutions for Sports and Hospitality Venues
November 2023 Watch On-Demand
Basics of infrared heating, and the Do’s + Don’t of designing September 2023 Watch On-Demand
Designing Climate Comfort for Outdoor Hospitality/Sports Spaces June 2023 Watch On-Demand
Understanding Commerical/Industrial Air Curtain Design  April 2023 Watch On-Demand
Warehouse + High Bay Building system approach February 2023 Watch On-Demand
On-Demand Webinars 2022
Webinar Link
Building climate systems for open-air stadiums Dec 6, 2022 Watch Now
Climate Systems for tall bay buildings and hangars Sept 29, 2022 Watch Now
Designing IR heater layouts do’s + don’ts May 31st, 2022 Watch Now
Sound & Efficiency in Air Curtain Design March 29th, 2022 Watch Now
IR Heating Design for Large Warehouses + Distribution Centers January 25th, 2022 Watch Now



On-Demand Webinars 2021
Webinar Link
IR Heating Design Applications for Warehouse + Distribution Centers January, 2021 Watch Now
IR Heating Design Applications for Outdoor Patio Spaces February, 2021 Watch Now
Identify energy saving trends using true modulating infrared heaters March, 2021 Watch Now
Designing heater layouts do’s + don’ts with an overview of IR heating trends April, 2021 Watch Now
Top 10 frequently asked questions: Designing IR Heating for Warehouse + Distribution Centers June, 2021 Watch Now
Understanding HVLS Fans and Design Selection July, 2021 Watch Now
Year-Round Comfort for Outdoor Patio Spaces August, 2021 Watch Now
IR Heating Design for Car Washes and Wet Environments September, 2021 Watch Now
Designing Comfort for Outdoor Stadiums and Entertainment Venues October, 2021 Watch Now