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Utilize infrared radiant technology

Unlike forced air systems, our Schwank heaters heat objects instead of the surrounding air to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. By heating objects, Schwank heaters are able to save more energy and decrease heat losses.

Schwank offers a variety of heaters, covering almost every individual application.

They are also suited for new builds as well as retrofits.

Product overview

Schwank infrared heaters for industrial commercial applications



Tube heaters

A series of ceiling-mounted infrared radiant heating systems for large, tall, and all spaces in between.

High-intensity heaters

Perfect for industrial, commercial buildings, logistics facilities, and workshops, with ceilings up to 180ft.  


Outdoor patio heaters

Outdoor gas-fired and electric infrared heaters are specially designed for outdoor commercial and hospitality establishments.

Infrared heating explained

Benefits of infrared heating

  • The key advantage of an infrared radiant heater is its ability to heat people and objects without primarily heating the surrounding air.
  • High efficiency: Up to 65% energy savings vs. warm air
  • Comfort: Uniform heat with no air movement
  • Flexibility: Complete area heat or spot heat; ability to heat high ceilings, low ceilings, and outdoors
  • Heat recovery: Very short time
  • Space-saving: Units are mounted off the floor
  • Low maintenance: Few moving parts

Infrared radiant heating

 Forced air heating

How infrared heating works

Infrared waves are given off by any object warmer than its surroundings. An IR heater is defined as having a surface temperature of greater than 300°F (150°C) up to 1800°F (980°C). The two types of IR heaters are:

  • Tube (or low intensity) heaters
  • High-intensity (or luminous) heaters

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