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The new Schwank Select12 and Select14 Series air curtains are the latest addition to our family of world-class climate solutions and part of our SchwankApplied exclusive product line of surface and recessed models. All new air curtain models are available in ambient, electric heated & hot water models. Offering a remarkably quiet and energy-efficient performance while providing mounting options up to 11ft and 14ft – fitting perfectly in your commercial space.

The Schwank Select12 and Select14 Series Series air curtains are AMCA Certified and the perfect air curtain addition to any upcoming project.


Our Schwank air curtains are engineered for performance with energy-efficient EC Motors, which provide a quick ramp-up time for increased effectiveness and smart energy-saving features like ECO mode that create an improved comfort level at minimal operating costs.

Remarkably quiet

The new Schwank Select Series models are designed with sound dampening and proofing within the unit to reduce noise. Featuring a top intake grill to minimalize sound and a unique outlet grill to increase uniformity with reduced sound noise.

Modernized design and aesthetics

Schwank Select12 and Select14 Series have a sleek model shape, with curved edges and custom color options to blend seamlessly in the space. With latched / snap-on front covers for easy maintenance access.

Each model offers a selection of accessories to choose from, like a controller, remote, mounting brackets, and a 5-year limited warranty. We take pride in ensuring a space is designed correctly with air curtains, HVLS fans, and IR heating in mind. We can provide you with design assistance for any scenario.

Schwank Select12 Series air curtain

Schwank Select12 Recessed Series air curtain

Schwank Select14 Series air curtain

Schwank Select14 Recessed Series air curtain

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The name Schwank has been synonymous with high-quality and economical commercial/industrial infrared heating systems for decades, and we’ve helped thousands of businesses just like yours. As an industry leader, Schwank is in a prime position to expand into the HVAC market’s cooling and air movement side to offer smart climate comfort solutions to endure varying demanding conditions.

We stand by our claim to deliver products and services of the highest quality, performance, and efficiency, with ease of installation always top of mind. With Schwank, you rely on a premium, trusted manufacturer.

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