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As a preferred vendor to our HVAC partners, we continue to provide: industry-defining infrared radiant heating products, proven performance, and a track record of innovative energy-efficient solutions.
Besides, our less than 0.5% warranty rate speaks for itself.




Choose wisely

Schwank offers limitless infrared radiant heating options for smarter heating. Explore our applications for commercial, industrial, restaurant, hospitality, stadiums, and outdoor/sports venues.
Plus military, aerospace, and retail.



Latest industry technology

Offer an industry-first ECM motor when designing a true modulating infrared [IR] tube heater.


Proven performance

A full suite of infrared radiant heating [highest BTU and length options], plus ease of installation.


Minimal lead times

You can expect to have your Schwank product
order typically shipped in 3-5 days.



Full live technical support

Connect with a Schwank team member.
Our full technical and customer support team
offers extensive coverage across the country.



Comprehensive design + quotation

Our team will recommend and support
specifying the required heaters to minimize
heat loss and maximize comfort.



Built-in the USA + Canada

With manufacturing locations in
North American, ensures your product is
made and assembled locally.


Hear why customers trust Schwank
to solve their HVAC project  challengesschwank-testimonial-amazon_web



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