Schwank launches superTube

Schwank launches superTube®: Performance and efficiency reinvented. The latest advancement in gas-fired infrared technology.


We are excited to introduce you to the newest generation of Schwank infrared tube heaters – superTube®. Offering higher BTUs and a larger coverage area, Schwank superTube models are a smart climate solution that provides ultimate comfort in commercial and industrial spaces. We are the first and only manufacturer in North America to use EC Motors across the complete superTube product line, available in NG/LP modulating, single-stage, and two-stage models.

Optimize your building with the latest advancement in gas-fired infrared technology, built with EC Motor [ECM] technology, advanced whisper-quiet operation, and true modulation models. The EC Motor technology gives way for an 85% increase in energy efficiencies throughout a full range of operation and is 2-3x more efficient than standard Shaded Pole or PSC motors. A constant torque EC Motor leads to more robust and stable combustion through the heaters’ entire range of operation and external pressure changes.

“This product adds a lot of flexibility in applying infrared for primary heating in the space.
Being infrared heats surfaces, you can actually mount the heaters further away from occupants and
products. By having a variable output, you can ramp up the heat to more precisely and effectively
maintain the proper condition. Great product,” comments Sales engineer at HVACR firm.


The ECM Technology in superTube True Modulating Models includes a custom control board that provides real-time optimization of fuel to air ratio for the perfect combustion through communicating with the EC Motor and modulating gas valve. Temperature swings are eliminated, and ON/OFF cycles are reduced, extending the heating system’s service life. These modulating models are new to our IR tube heater, offering and adapt to the heat demand in the space to maintain a consistent comfort level by truly modulating the heat.

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Schwank is an industry leader in gas infrared heating and air curtain systems. For decades we have offered high-quality and economical commercial/industrial heating systems. As an industry leader, we stand by our claim to deliver the highest quality and performance products and services, with an ease of installation always top of mind. With Schwank, you can rely on a premium trusted manufacturer.


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