Introducing MonsterFans by Schwank

Introducing MonsterFans by Schwank

Now launching in the US and Canada, MonsterFans by Schwank is the latest addition to our family of world-class climate solutions. Known in the industry as Big Fans or HVLS fans, our “MonsterFans,” move massive air volumes at a slow non-disruptive speed. With MonsterFans you’ll be able to achieve Monster Comfort, giving you a climate-controlled environment for a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning and lower heating costs.

Monster Comfort in the summer

Our Monsters provide a cool breeze in hot summers by moving high volumes of air at a very low non-disruptive speed [HVLS fans]. As the breeze passes over the skin, the fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of 5–7°F [3–4°C] throughout the space.

Cost Savings in the Winter

With MonsterFans the warm air is pushed down from the ceiling to the floor level. The five airfoil modulating trailing edge blades improve efficiencies at varying speeds. Our fans help to enable your heating system to work less by eliminating destratification and distributing the warm air evenly throughout your space.

MonsterFans Full Product Line

The MonsterFans product line includes three models, all of which include an optional Building Management System [BMS] integration, a 5-year warranty on motor, gearbox & control panel [3-year on Style Series], lifetime warranty on blades, hub & mounting system, and are all certified by UL and CSA. We take pride in ensuring a space is correctly designed with both HVLS and IR heating in mind and can provide you with design assistance for any scenario.


MonsterFans Geared-Drive [GD] Series

Industrial overhead fans for efficient productivity, the MonsterFans GD series features whisper-quiet operations, a Geared Helical Inline Reducer motor, an unbreakable cast aluminum alloy hub, and five airfoil modulating trailing edge blades [6063 extruded anodized aluminum] that improve efficiencies at varying speeds.

MonsterFans Direct-Drive [DD] Series

Commercial industrial direct-drive fans for minimal maintenance and efficient productivity, the MonsterFans DD Series features a direct-drive Nidec motor, a built-in 20,000 Lumen LED light, whisper-quiet operation, no oil changes required, and is built with the same five airfoil modulating trailing edge blades as the MonsterFans GD Series.

MonsterFans Style Series

Commercial and hospitality fans to style your space, these fans are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This series features Gearless Transverse Flux Brushless DC Motor and a unique blade design. The MonsterFans Style Series is available in an option of standard colors and versatile mounting options to style your space.


For a deeper look into how our MonsterFans work, take a look at our quick explainer video [watch here]. Full product details and features can also be found on our webpages


Schwank North America

The name Schwank has been synonymous with high-quality and economical commercial/industrial infrared heating systems for decades, and we’ve helped thousands of businesses just like yours. As an industry leader Schwank is in a prime position to expand into the cooling and air movement side of the HVAC market to offer smart climate comfort solutions to endure varying demanding conditions.

We stand by our claim to deliver products and services of the highest quality, performance, and efficiency with ease of installation always top of mind. With Schwank, you rely on a premium trusted manufacturer.

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