Celebrating 50 Years and Counting!
Five decades of growth, learning and overcoming challenges


We’re very excited to announce that Schwank is celebrating its 50th anniversary in North America!

Schwank has grown its family business to operating in over 40 countries around the world. In 1974, Schwank expanded with a subsidiary in North America. With unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the company has made significant progress, from providing the world with effective infrared heating solutions to ranking among the top 100 most innovative medium-sized enterprises and successfully expanding its product range into Air Curtains, Electric infrared, and HVLS MonsterFans in North America.



50th Anniversary Schwank Event

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we hosted a memorable event with employees, partners, and friends. We’ve created a photo book capturing the joy and special moments of the celebration.

Explore the highlights of our 50th-anniversary through this photo book.

Over the last 50 years in North America, we’ve employed incredible employees, all of whom possess a unique skill set. Their passion has helped shape the company into what it is today, ensuring our products and services are of the highest quality, performance, and efficiency while continuously offering outstanding lead times and customer support.

Schwank is excited for what lies ahead of us!

Explore our milestones over the years!

Explore our 50-year history

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