A call for sustainable energy through EC motor technology

The need for sustainable energy solutions is prominent and one way is through the use of EC motor technology. Schwank is proudly the first and only manufacturer in North America to use EC motors across our complete superTube product line of single-stage, two-stage and modulating infrared tube heaters. EC Motor [ECM] technology, provides an 85% increase in energy efficiencies and is 2-3x more efficient than standard Shaded Pole AC motors or PSC motors.

In Norm Grusnick’s, article “Why Electronically Commutated [EC] Motors”? It’s clear why a call to EC motors is paramount,

“Rising energy costs and new government regulations have spawned revolutionary innovations in motor technology… EC technology is the future of sustainable energy consumption in industrial and residential appliances, pumps, and HVAC applications.”

Unlike AC motors, EC motors adjust automatically to meet any demand. Schwank’s superTube constant torque EC motor leads into more robust and stable combustion through the heaters’ entire range of operation and external pressure changes. ECM technology in superTube eliminates temperature swings, significantly increases the system’s service life, and helps to adapt the heat demand in any space to maintain a consistent comfort level.

For a deeper dive into the importance and need to switch to EC motor technology, read the full article Why Electronically Commutated [EC] Motors, on Sheet Metal Journal.


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