Case study | Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse
Yuba City, California
bistroSchwank heaters keep Pete’s customers comfortable and spending more as restaurant revenues increase.


About the facility

Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is a casual restaurant and bar with 13 locations in California. They feature
a wide menu and a broad selection of beers, cocktails, and wines. It’s the perfect mix of laid-back atmosphere and friendly caring service with an eclectic menu including award-winning pizza with house-made dough. The location in Yuba City, CA includes a 15’ by 70’ “L” shaped restaurant patio with a pergola structure above the patio tables. The patio seats about 50 customers and includes a beautiful waterfall in a lounge area next to the dining tables where customers can enjoy a nice cold drink while relaxing and enjoying the patio atmosphere.

The issue

The patio at Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is a popular one but unfortunately, it was too cold to use in the fall, winter, and spring, especially in the evenings. When designing the patio, they realized that they would be missing out on additional revenue during the colder months if the patio was not heated and needed to be closed. They wanted a comfortable heating solution in order to turn over more tables, seat more customers that would stay longer, and spend more. In order to properly heat the patio, Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse decided to contact patioSchwank for a design and quote.

Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Yuba City, California, USA

I love the heaters! They keep the customers nice and warm when it’s too cold to sit outside without heat.



Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse worked with Schwank’s design team to determine which heaters would be best for their patio. Schwank recommended installing 14 black natural gas bistroSchwank heaters with an input rating of 50,000 Btuh each. The heaters were mounted from the pergola beams above the patio tables in order to get complete coverage throughout the entire patio. Since restaurant owners are very particular about the design and atmosphere of their patio, the black color of the heaters was the perfect choice to blend in with the color of the pergola beams and decor of the patio.


With the addition of several bistroSchwank patio heaters, Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse were able to increase their seating capacity and keep customers comfortable during colder seasons and cooler nights. The increase in seating led to a substantial increase in revenue. Not only were more customers seated but because they were so comfortable on the patio they would stay longer and spend more. Unlike portable parasol patio heaters, the overhead heaters mounted on the pergola beams meant they would not get in the way of customers and employees creating more space on the patio for people to move around.

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