Schwank.ONE Control Announcement

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Schwank launches an integrated HVAC control, engineered to conveniently manage a building’s climate across multiple zones and using Schwank equipment for maximum comfort and operational efficiency.

New Schwank.ONE Control technology is designed to work exclusively with Schwank equipment, including infrared heaters, air curtains, HVLS fans, and common fuel types such as LP/NG gas and electric. Equipped with seamless integration to your building management system(BMS-IP) and offering scalability for more complex designs. It is part of our *SchwankApplied exclusive product line.

According to insights gathered in the engineer specification field, controlling a building’s HVAC equipment is the top priority for engineers and operations departments, followed by simplifying workflow and manual equipment control processes. Our Schwank.ONE Control does just this by knitting together the ability to control multiple zones and equipment capabilities. Your single controller device has endless possibilities to maintain comfort, an intuitive user interface, smart functions, and onsite customization.

The introduction of Schwank.ONE capitalizes on Schwank’s ongoing investment in offering leading technology and innovations to optimize your buildings’ climate comfort at the lowest operating cost.

Find a full outline of the product features and specifications can also be found on our web pages


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Schwank is renowned for its high-efficiency products and cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to our customers and creating an exceptional experience. As an industry leader, Schwank is in a prime position to expand into the HVAC market’s cooling and air movement side to offer smart climate comfort solutions to endure varying demanding conditions.

We stand by our claim to deliver products and services of the highest quality, performance, and efficiency with ease of installation always top of mind. With Schwank, you rely on a premium, trusted manufacturer.

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