Schwank Introduces new 2-stage patio heater bistroSchwank 2152

Schwank Heaters, a leading international manufacturer of infrared heaters, has introduced their new upgraded outdoor patio heater, the bistroSchwank 2152 2-stage model with dual heat settings for controlled comfort. The 2152’s comfort heating is best utilized in outdoor applications such as waiting areas, transit stops, and most importantly, restaurant and bar patios.

bistroSchwank 2152- 2-Stage Outdoor Patio Heater

The bistroSchwank 2152 2-stage heater with firing rates of 50,000/36,500 BTuh has built-in gas lines, eliminating the need for bulky and costly propane tanks. Apart from the dual comfort heat settings that help customize the levels according to individual customer preferences, it is also possible to control separate zones with the flick of a switch. These overhead mounted heaters come in either marine grade stainless steel or matte black weather-resistant enclosures, ensuring longevity and easy adaptability to existing patio aesthetics.

Advantages of infrared radiant heat

Infrared radiant heating has been perfected over time to mimic the way the sun heats the earth.  Similar to the way the sun’s infrared waves heats objects, this type of heating ensures effective and comfortable levels of heat with minimal heat loss and a lower carbon footprint. In comparison, forced air heat requires much more energy to heat a spot since the hot air continuously keeps rising to leave the surfaces cold, wasting as much as 80% of generated heat.

Advantages of installing patio heaters

Effective patio heaters lengthen the patio season well into the winter months increasing business revenue. Seating capacities also get increased, and along with the controlled settings of the heaters, leads to a high level of customer retention. Choosing overhead mounted heaters instead of mushroom head heaters also saves aisle space, eliminates the risk of accidents, and allows for wider and more effective dispersion of heat. Schwank heaters offer a high ROI which can potentially be achieved in as little as one year.

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Schwank is an industry leader in gas infrared heating and air curtain systems. For decades we have offered high-quality and economical commercial/industrial heating systems. As an industry leader, we stand by our claim to deliver the highest quality and performance products and services, with an ease of installation always top of mind. With Schwank, you can rely on a premium trusted manufacturer.

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