Industrial infrared heater

With one of the best efficiency rates in North America for its class, the primoSchwank is designed to heat spaces with ceilings as high as 180’ [55m], making it the perfect warehouse heater. Capable of converting up to 68%* of the gas input into radiant energy means that these high-intensity heaters are clean and efficient. It reaches full operating temperature in 60 seconds and its heat is immediately felt by everyone in the space.


  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution centers
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Airplace hangars
  • Industrial applications

primoSchwank highlights

The most efficient gas-infrared Schwank tube heaters

primoSchwank provides remarkable energy savings using the latest heating technology. Within the Schwank portfolio of gas infrared heaters, primoSchwank has a clear advantage whenever the requirements involve low investment and a good level of thermal comfort.

All of our industrial radiant heaters for high ceilings, including primoSchwank heaters, are manufactured in the United States and Canada.


  • primoSchwank offers 4 models
  • 24,600, 35,400, 49,100, 76,500 input BTU/HR models
  • NG / LP fuel type
  • Minimum mounting heights from 15’- 28’ to a maximum mounting height of 180’ high
  • UL Certified
  • CSA Certified

Optional accessories

  • ThermoControl Plus
  • TruTemp
  • Flexible gas connector
  • Lion chain
  • Safety snap hooks


  • Flexibility to integrate with building management systems [BMS].
  • Offers the highest conversion rate of any IR heater in the market at 81% radiation efficiency.
  • Green technology: fuel costs and CO2 emissions reduced up to 65%
  • Patented Delta mixing chamber for pre-heating of the gas-air mixture for uniform, comfortable and efficient heat delivery.
  • Quality, durability, and high comfort
  • No dust swirls or draught air


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