primoSchwank High Efficiency Radiant Heaters for High Ceilings

Powerful and Energy Efficient

primoSchwankThe primoSchwank infrared heater is designed specifically for industrial and commercial spaces with high ceilings including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, aircraft hangars, etc.

With one of the best efficiency rates in North America for its class the primoSchwank is designed to heat spaces with ceilings as tall as 180 feet [55m], making it the perfect warehouse heater. Capable of converting up to 68%* of the gas input into radiant energy means that these High Intensity Heaters are both clean and efficient!

In comparison to forced-air heaters, the primoSchwank high efficiency radiant heater reaches full operating temperature in 60 seconds and its heat is immediately enjoyed by everyone within the space, from ceiling to ground.

primoSchwank Heaters The Premium Infrared Heater Solution by Schwank

All of our radiant heaters for high ceilings, including primoSchwank heaters, are manufactured in the United States and Canada. The characteristics of the infrared energy generated by these overhead gas heaters can be applied to a wide range of applications including:

  • Overhead heaters in high ceiling buildings
  • Aircraft hangars, Warehouse heaters
  • Energy efficient heat solutions for large spaces
  • Gas heaters with reduced gas or fuel costs
  • Green heaters with lower CO2 emissions [up to 50%]
  • Your investment paid back in as low as 1 year!

Features of primoSchwank High Efficiency Radiant Heaters

The following features contribute to the high efficiency of our primoSchwank IR radiant heaters:

  • Pressurized Delta Mixing Chamber – the most precise gas/air combustion mixture for complete and clean combustion.
  • Cold-State Combustion – rapid heat transfer to ceramic tiles for safe and comfortable heat.
  • Double Wall Reflector with Venturi Tube – raises efficiency and allows smaller clearances for angled positions.
  • Instant Heat and Cool Down – full operating temperature and safe cool down is reached in 60 seconds.
  • High and Low Intensity Infrared Rays – full spectrum of infrared rays work together for your application.
  • Aluminum Cold Bonded Clad Steel – withstands corrosion over the lifetime of the heater.

Contact our infrared heating sales representatives today to learn more about how the Schwank Advantage means low installation and operating costs for you.

Which primoSchwank Heater is Right For Me?

There are five primoSchwank overhead IR heater models to meet your exact specifications:

 Performance Minimum
Mounting Height
primoSchwank 10 15’ 24,600
primoSchwank 15 18’ 35,400
primoSchwank 20 20’ 49,100
primoSchwank 30 24’ 76,500
primoSchwank 40 28’ 97,700

These measurements are based on suggested mounting conditions that are subject to change based on site conditions. Please contact a radiant heating specialist at Schwank USA for complimentary heat planning design and support.

Ask Us About primoSchwank Infrared Heaters Today

Like all of our high intensity heaters, primoSchwank heaters are much more effective and efficient when servicing spaces with high ceilings.

For specific details about any of the above models of primoSchwank heaters or for more information about high intensity heaters or infrared heater technology please:

  Toll Free: 1-877-446-3727 [USA & Canada]
  Request Info: Design, Spec, Audit Request Form

*Verified according to the ANSI Z83.19b/CSA 2.35b standard [primoSchwank 30] and by DVGW to EN 419-2

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Suitable for:

  • warehouse heaters
  • manufacturing
  • distribution centers
  • vehicle maintenance
  • airplane hangars
  • and other commercial/industrial applications