Premium ceiling-mounted high-intensity heater

The supraSchwank is renowned for its efficiency. It’s a line of industrial/commercial infrared radiant heaters that deliver up to 65% energy savings.



  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution centers
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Airplane hangars
  • Industrial applications

Hear from our customers

Video: Brian Griffin from BC Place explains how supraSchwank radiant heaters were able to isolate types of events and avoid unnecessarily heating the entire volume of air in the stadium.

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supraSchwank Highlights

The most efficient gas-infrared Schwank tube heaters

supraSchwank heaters are the most advanced line of infrared heaters in Schwank’s collection of high intensity heaters, which can be mounted on ceilings up to 180’ high and still provide total comfort.

The fully insulated supraSchwank is made from Feran, which is known to be one of the most reflective materials available. The unique construction minimizes convection heat loss and increases energy efficiency.

Schwank’s patented Delta Mixing Chamber preheats the gas/air combustion mixture to deliver a uniform and ultra-efficient heat delivery at work level.

The supraSchwank radiant heater not only produces more heat but also directs more heat exactly where it is needed. supraSchwank also contributes up to 10 out of 30 possible LEED points to your energy and atmosphere category for new and retrofit commercial projects!


  • supraSchwank offers 5 models
  • 22,800, 34,600, 46,700, 71,800, 95,800 input BTU/HR models
  • NG / LP fuel type
  • Minimum mounting heights from 15’- 34’ to a maximum mounting height of 180’ high
  • UL Certified
  • CSA Certified

Optional Accessories

  • ThermoControl Plus
  • TruTemp
  • Flexible gas connector
  • Lion chain
  • Safety snap hooks


  • Flexibility to integrate with building management systems [BMS].
  • Offers the highest conversion rate of any IR heater in the market at 81% radiation efficiency.
  • Single-stage as standard
  • Green technology: fuel costs and CO2 emissions reduced up to 65%
  • Feran insulated heater to minimize convection heat losses.
  • Patented Delta mixing chamber for pre-heating of the gas-air mixture for uniform, comfortable and efficient heat delivery.
  • Quality, durability and high comfort
  • No dust swirls or draught air


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Case Studies

Air Canada

Tower Automotive


BC Place Sports Venue

Technical documents

Installation & Owner’s Manual

supraSchwank Submittal 

supraSchwank 40 Submittal 

Engineering Specs

Replacement Parts List

Technical Specification



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