Efficiency & economical high-intensity infrared heaters

The most economical choice for a high-intensity heater, able to convert up to 52%* of the gas input into radiant heat. Plus, by installing an ecoSchwank infrared heater you can earn up to 10 LEED points!


  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution centers
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Airplane hangars
  • Industrial applications

Video: Infrared radiant heating

How does infrared heating work and what are the benefits?

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ecoSchwank highlights

The most economical of Schwank luminous heater

Conventional heaters only heat the surrounding air with the warmest air being trapped near the ceiling. ecoSchwank overhead heaters provide infrared heat waves that radiate down to ground level where the heat can be absorbed by people and objects.

The IR high intensity eco line of Schwank heaters is ideal for indoor industrial and commercial l facilities with high ceilings up to 70 feet that have large energy requirements and tight budget projects. They provide great long-time value with a low upfront investment and low operating costs. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to reduce CO2 emissions.


  • ecoSchwank offers 5 single burner models: 21,500, 35,000, 50,000, 65,000, and 100,000 input BTU/HR models
  • ecoSchwank offers 2 single burner model: 143,000 and 200,000 input BTU/HR models
  • NG/LP fuel type
  • Minimum mounting heights from 12’- 28’ to a maximum mounting height of 70’ high
  • UL Certified
  • CSA Certified

Optional accessories

  • Also available in double burner model
  • ThermoControl Plus
  • TruTemp
  • Flexible Gas Connector
  • Lion Chain
  • Safety Snap Hooks


  • Pressurized Delta mixing chamber gives the most precise gas/air combustion mixture for complete, clean combustion.
  • Cold-state combustion means a rapid heat transfer to ceramic tiles for safe and comfortable heat.
  • A double-wall reflector with a Venturi tube raises efficiency and allows smaller clearances for angled positions.
  • Reduces fuel cost up to 50% over conventional heating systems.
  • High and low-intensity infrared rays work together for your application.
  • Direct spark ignition ensures ultimate safety and fuel economy
  • Aluminum cold-bonded clad steel burner housing withstands corrosion over the lifetime of the heater.
  • Ability to reach full operation in just 2 minutes
  • Green technology: fuel costs and CO2 emissions reduced up to 35%


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