ThermoControl Plus

Intuitive technology for infrared heating systems

Improve the performance of your Schwank infrared radiant heating system with the programmable ThermoControl Plus controller for single-stage and, two-stage and full modulating heating. ThermoControl Plus is designed to regulate heating delivery according to the requirements of the building, the outside temperature, and the desired temperature.


  • Compatible with Schwank IR heating systems

ThermoControl Plus highlights

Intuitive operation through control technology for heating systems

Easy to install and use, ThermoControl Plus is a versatile smart programmable controller that can be accessed remotely as long as you have an internet connection.

This controller can be integrated with a building management system [BMS].


  • Available in three models, the controller can be used to control from 1 to eight single-stage zones and from 1 to 4 modulating or two-stage zones.
    • ThermoControl Plus 1: One 2-stage zone or up to two single-stage zones
    • ThermoControl Plus 2: Up to two 2-stage zones or up to four single-stage zones
    • ThermoControl Plus 4/M: Up to four modulating or 2-stage zones or up to eight single-stage zones
  • Control Relays: 24V, 50/60 Hz, 6.3 Amp max. Load
  • Temperature control range: 37 to 95°F [3 to 35°C]
  • Input: black bulb sensor 5-174 Ω, -22 to 104°F [-30 to 40 °C]
  • Inputs include Resistance sensors [NTC], IR/ambient temperature sensor: 2-wire connection, and outside temperature sensor.
  • The clock/calendar is powered by a battery of 1.5 V AA, life span: Approx. 3 years with automatic adjustment for summer/winter time: +/- 1 hour [can be deactivated].


  • Optional data acquisition software offers reporting and analysis capabilities and supports BMS
  • Additional energy savings up to 15% compared to conventional warm air thermostats
  • Easy to use control menu system and interface
  • Minimal setup and configuration
  • Handles up to 8 temperature control zones for single-stage and four 2-stage
  • 8 programmable holiday periods per heating zone
  • Enclosure: NEMA 13 watertight, UV-proof, plastic housing with transparent door and key
  • Includes optional 100V transformer and external zone relays to activate exhaust fan and heaters
  • Selectable ºF / ºC temperature display
  • Timing programs: Independent weekly programs per heating zone: 19 switch points, stored in protected EEPROM memory

Optional accessories

  • Setback momentarily overrides selectable times
  • Optional CM/RS 232 Data logger and computerized central control
  • Optional CM/RS 485 MODBUS BMS interface


ThermoControl Plus resources

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Technical documents

Manual 1-24V

Manual 2

Manual 4

Manual 4M


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