Control technology by Schwank

Heating and air control systems designed smarter

Schwank control technology has been developed specifically for Schwank equipment within a building climate system, including radiant heating products, and/or air curtains, and/or HVLS fans, engineered for the uniqueness of controlling the climate in commercial, industrial, and outdoor environments. The various controls are sensitive to the complex climatic conditions of big and small spaces and considers the technical installation and user intuitiveness.

Our various control technology options use radiant and ambient temperatures

while reducing heat loss and operating costs. And communicates with an existing building management system (BMS).

All Schwank controls can be controlled remotely. Since this technology was developed especially for the Schwank product range, it is easy to install and offers the optimal operation of the Schwank solution for your space.

Schwank products & solutions

Control technology for Schwank

Schwank.ONE Controller

System climate control  

New Schwank.ONE Control technology is designed to work exclusively with Schwank equipment, including infrared heaters, air curtains, HVLS fans, and common fuel types such as LP/NG gas and electric. Equipped with seamless integration to your building management system (BMS-IP) and offering scalability for more complex designs.

It is part of our *SchwankApplied exclusive product line.



Heating controls

Developed specifically for Schwank infrared radiant heating products and the uniqueness of controlling climate and heating units in commercial and industrial environments.

Air curtain controls

Choose from our four SchwankAir controller options, depending on how simple or feature-reach you want your controller.

HVLS fan controls

We’ve developed a range of MonsterFans controllers for you to choose from.  Each controller is designed and manufactured for ease of installation, ease of use, and quality.

Features of the Schwank control technology

Control technology for heating systems simply explained

Intuitive and enhanced operation

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the Schwank controller and thermostat operation are easy and self-explanatory. All important information can be viewed and settings can be carried out quickly and efficiently. This allows for carrying out individual settings for each heating zone in your building.

Be it temperature adjustments, holiday periods and shift times, or one-time changes of heating times, all menu points can be accessed quickly and conveniently with the versatile options available.

Connectivity with the building infrastructure

A heating system never works as an independent system, but is a part of a complex building infrastructure. Schwank controls can be tailored to suit your unique environment and integrated with your building management system. Offering a large number of inputs and outputs, enabling it to react in real-time to fluctuations in the outside temperature, door opening times, or changes in humidity. We designed our control technology to contribute to the efficient control of your heating system and save operating costs.

Intelligent control technology for heating systems

Our control technology is one of the most intelligent building heating systems in the world. The high measure of connectivity ensures maximum operating and heating comfort. Plus, increased system transparency in terms of performance, consumption, and status delivers all relevant data for efficient control and system safety.

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