MonsterFans Destratification Demonstration

MonsterFans Destratification Demonstration

Moderating temperatures in any space is no easy task. However, through the process of destratification, MonsterFans HVLS Fans make it simpler. Our fans allow you to improve comfort levels and save on costs in spaces like warehouses, factories, gyms, airport buildings, farms, and shopping centers.

MonsterFans move very high volumes of air at a very low speed. In summer, our Monsters provide a cool breeze, reducing the ambient temperature by about 5º C. In winter, when heat naturally rises to the ceiling, MonsterFans enable air to start moving from the ceiling to the floor level – through the process of destratification. This allows the heat to spread out to the rest of the building. The five airfoil modulation trailing edge blades found on our Monsters improve efficiencies and increase comfort levels at minimal operating costs.

Watch the video below to see our MonsterFans at work.

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 MonsterFans Destratification Demonstration

Video | MonsterFans Destratification Demonstration

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