Schwank Hydrogen H2 Infrared Heating System

Worldwide’s first 100% hydrogen industrial heating system launched

Flexible: can first operate on natural gas or LPG and later can be switched easily to hydrogen.
No CO2 emissions and high overall efficiency (seasonal efficiency: 99%).


The new geniumSchwank takes a hybrid multi-gas approach. This new model can process 100% of hydrogen, natural gas, or LPG whichever is convenient. This product is one of a kind in the world, with patents pending on its unique burner design. Other solutions in the market currently can only operate with a maximum of 20% hydrogen content.


World premiere: The hydrogen-powered multi-gas industrial heater geniumSchwank is the first to use 100% natural gas, LPG, or hydrogen.

By launching geniumSchwank, the climate systems specialist has thus achieved a major breakthrough in research and development. Finally, owners and investors have certainty when it comes to the purchase of a new building and its heating system. If, for example, natural gas supply is first available, and the possibility of using hydrogen arises only later, the Schwank hydrogen heater can be adapted to the new conditions with just a few simple adjustments and calibrations.

Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Schloesser, Managing Director and responsible for Research & Development at Schwank: “The current energy supply demands flexible heating solutions for the industry. Many of our customers still want to use the natural gas from the grid today but plan to use hydrogen in the long term. Some are even aiming for complete independence and self-sufficiency. And this is exactly what the geniumSchwank was developed for.”

The new series will be available in the power classes of 20 to 50 kW and lengths between 4 and 13 meters. geniumSchwank will be shipped in September this year.

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About Schwank

Schwank is recognized to be among the most important global premium brands in the commercial heating and climate systems industry. The Schwank Group, with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, and 340 employees worldwide, distributes innovative climate products in over 40 countries and is the global market leader in industrial gas infrared heaters. The product portfolio includes high-intensity, outdoor patio, and tube heaters, electric heaters, air curtains, system controls, and HVLS Fans. Schwank can look back on a long company history with pride: 90 years ago, Günther started the business and invented the first gas infrared radiant heater shortly after.

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