Schwank Introduces Epic Series Air Curtain.


Reimagine flexible climate separation for industrial spaces.

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Introducing the latest innovation in air movement equipment — the Schwank Epic Series Air Curtain for industrial applications.

With capabilities to mount vertically or horizontally, paired with the latest EC motor technology and flexible mounting heights (10-14ft), the Epic Series redefines industrial air curtain standards.

Designed by our team of Schwank engineers, this new industrial air curtain is made in North America and features:


Energy-Efficient EC Motor
A premium EC 1HP Direct Drive Motor, which is 2-3 times more efficient than standard PSC Motors.

Maximum Accessibility
A unit where all electronic, motor, and blower changes can be made simply by removing the front panel, even when mounted.

Ultimate Flexibility
A single unit offers multiple mounting heights, ranging from 10′-14′ ft. Plus, a single unit performs in multiple applications, from climate separation, and insect control.

Configurable Controls
Model intelligence with configurable smart controls for adaptive time overrun for busy periods, stepless speed control, and auto speed control. All from a 4.3” touchscreen.

Modern Design
The smooth wrap design provides a modern feel, which blends seamlessly into the space. Plus, an optional front shield is available and in pre-selected and custom colors.


Ideal for a wide range of industrial facilities, where energy conservation and temperature control are critical. The Epic Series has reimagined flexible climate separation for industrial spaces.

We take pride in ensuring a space is designed correctly with air curtains, HVLS fans, and IR heating in mind. We can provide you with design assistance for any scenario.

Find a full outline of product details and features can also be found on our web pages



Schwank North America

The name Schwank has been synonymous with high-quality and economical commercial/industrial infrared heating systems for decades, and we’ve helped thousands of businesses just like yours. As an industry leader, Schwank is in a prime position to expand into the HVAC market’s cooling and air movement side to offer smart climate comfort solutions to endure varying demanding conditions.

We stand by our claim to deliver products and services of the highest quality, performance, and efficiency, with ease of installation always top of mind. With Schwank, you rely on a premium, trusted manufacturer.


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