ultraSchwank Radiant Tube Heaters for Manufacturing, Warehouses, Etc…

The Most Efficient Commercial & Industrial Infrared Tube Heating Solution in North America

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ultraSchwank radiant tube heaters are ideal for use in commercial or industrial facilities that demand heavy duty heating applications such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

ultraSchwank is a clean burning and very efficient infrared tube heater with a North American high radiant efficiency rating that is second to none.

Schwank engineers have perfected the art of Commercial Tube Heaters by computer modeling the burner as well as insulating the heater reflector system to increase the amount of heat directed to the floor. This equates to 50% energy savings for our Schwank customers!

Up to 68%* of the gas utilized to power our ultraSchwank infrared tube heaters is converted into beautiful radiant energy that can efficiently and easily heat persons and objects right at floor level.

Compare the cost savings and energy efficiency of our tube heaters to conventional heating solutions that have to heat the air first, which subsequently rises and causes temperatures at ceiling level to be as high as 120°F [50°C].

ultraSchwank Commercial Heating Service Advantages

The standout benefits of these large commercial radiant tube heaters include:

  • Up to 68% radiant efficiency rating*
  • Fuel savings of up to 50%
  • Schwank’s unique clamshell cabinet design allow for easy maintenance and access
  • Reduced CO2 emissions to as much as 65% with Schwank’s Green Technology

* Radiant factor of a 200,000 Btu/hr ultraSchwank measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

ultraSchwank Heaters Translate into Serious Cost Savings

The advantages of ultraSchwank, our Schwank commercial tube heaters and industrial infrared heaters, translate into significant cost and time savings for our customers, including:

  • Lowest fuel cost compared to other industrial infrared tube heaters
  • Fewer commercial heaters required for your warehouse, manufacturing facility or distribution center
  • Smaller gas pipes needed to power the radiant gas tube heater
  • Lower commercial heating installation cost

Best Commercial Heaters Awards

With over 2 million of our infrared radiant heater products sold, the ultraSchwank commercial heater deserves the recognition it gets as one of the best commercial and industrial gas heaters on the market. ultraSchwank is our most popular commercial tube heater and the recipient of two prestigious awards:

  • 2010 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award
  • Dealer Design Award

Ask Us about Our Infrared Commercial Tube Heaters

For more information about buying or installing our commercial heating units or to learn more about the energy efficiency rating on the ultraSchwank radiant tube heaters that feature our patented gas fired heating systems, please contact our heating specialists:

  Toll Free: 1-877-446-3727 [USA & Canada]
  E-Mail: csr@schwankgroup.com
  Request Info: Design, Spec, Audit Request Form

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Suitable for:

  • warehouses
  • manufacturing
  • distribution centers
  • vehicle maintenance
  • airplane hangars
  • and other commercial/industrial applications

Case Studies:

Applewood Glass & Mirror Inc.
Glass Production Facility