premierSchwank Radiant Tube Heaters

Tube Heaters with Low Fuel Costs for Commercial and Industrial Applications

premierSchwank STS-JZ

Our premierSchwank radiant tube heater is designed for indoor use and can be utilized in sports complexes, arenas and other such applications that require efficient infrared radiant heating.

These Schwank infrared tube heaters provide quiet and clean heating solutions and have rightfully earned its title as the indoor radiant heater with the best efficiency rating in North America when compared to other tube heaters in its class.

Conventional indoor gas heaters are inefficient because they are designed to first warm the air, which immediately rises and can potentially increase ceiling temperatures to an unreasonable 120°F [50°C] or more; even though the ground level temperature may still be uncomfortably cold.

Schwank’s infrared indoor heaters convert up to half the gas it uses into efficient radiant heat that is capable of heating people [and objects] comfortably right at ground level, regardless of whether they are working in a manufacturing cell, picking product in a distribution facility, working on vehicle service, or sitting in a restaurant patio or a cold arena.

Schwank Radiant Heaters Features

premierSchwank indoor radiant tube heaters perform at a level well above traditional heaters and even better than other competitor radiant heaters. Our tube heater customers enjoy significant savings in both energy and operating costs. For instance, premierSchwank tube heaters:

  • Operate with an radiant efficiency rating of up to 50%*
  • Generate overall energy savings of up to 50%
  • Save time and money because they are easy to maintain [and access] due to the unique clamshell cabinet design
  • Cut CO2 emissions [carbon footprint] by more than half thanks to Schwank’s green outdoor radiant tube heater technology

* Radiant factor of a 130,000 BTU/hr premierSchwank measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

What Customers are saying about the premierSchwank

Schwank has sold over 2 million radiant heating appliances featuring our patented infrared technology. We enjoy terrific feedback from our clients for our premierSchwank indoor radiant heaters, for example:

“Very good quality commercial heaters”
[Thanks to our high quality manufacturing standards]
“One of the quietest infrared heaters”
[Thanks to our Whisper Jet fan technology]

This innovative indoor radiant tube heater is backed by our outstanding 10-year replacement warranty on the radiant tube.

Ask Us about Radiant Heaters & Indoor Tube Heaters

For more information about Schwanks’ radiant tube heaters or to learn more about how indoor infrared heaters by Schwank are superior to other indoor heating solutions, please talk to our infrared radiant heating experts:

  Toll Free: 1-877-446-3727 [USA & Canada]
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Suitable for:

  • warehouses
  • manufacturing
  • distribution centers
  • vehicle maintenance
  • and other indoor commercial/industrial applications