TruTemp thermostat for infrared heating

Comfort and reduced fuel consumption up to 15%

TruTemp infrared thermostat is the only automatic thermostat that senses and averages radiant and ambient temperatures to maintain a comfortable temperature. Conventional thermostats measure only air temperature. With TruTemp you can increase your comfort and reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15%.


  • Compatible with Schwank IR heating systems

TruTemp IR highlights

Comfort climate through control technology for heating systems


  • Easily mount on standard 4” x 4” electrical box
  • Requires 24vac with a common for power [3 wire]
  • High emissivity coating on the outside of the unit
  • Comprised of a flat black coated metal hemispherical dome that will attach to a mounting plate using one metal screw


  • Selectable setback reduces control temperature by 55°F [13°C] when a building is unoccupied
  • The setback is activated at night time by turning off lights
  • Mounts on standard 4″ [10cm] electrical box or directly to the wall
  • Tamper-proof
  • Install for each heater for maximum control or up to 12 high-intensity [luminous] heaters or 7 tube heaters can be controlled in a single-zone


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