Ambient thermostats to control infrared radiant technology

We proudly offer four types of thermostats:

  • Line voltage bimetal wall thermostat
  • 24V thermostat
  • Moisture resistant control for wet applications
  • 2-stage thermostatic control


  • Compatible with Schwank IR heating systems

Thermostats highlights

We proudly offer four types of thermostats:

1. Line voltage bimetal wall thermostat

This thermostat is used for control of the infrared heater with line voltage [110-120vac]. It features 1G66 types are a double-pole disconnect model with an “OFF” position that mechanically breaks both sides of the line.

2. Moisture resistant control for wet applications

This NEMA 4X is our waterproof rated thermostat and available for single-stage and 2-stage options. Ideal for wet environments and outdoor applications.

3. 24V thermostat

The most common option,this flexible thermostat has a low-profile design. It can be mounted on a 2” x 4” junction box or directly to a wall. It is battery powered for easy installation, and it’s compatible with most heating and cooling systems.

4. 2-stage thermostatic control

Offering an “off-on-on” logic, these are typically installed in a secure indoor area to limit control of heater operation to management and staff. The switch controls are not weather/ water-resistant and are not suitable for outdoor installation where the control is exposed to weather elements.


Thermostats resources

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Technical documents

Manual – White-Rogers Line Voltage

Manual – White-Rogers 24 volt digital

Manual – Honeywell FocusPro TH5000 [2-stage]

Manual – Peco – TF115-001 – Nema Moisture Proof

Manual – Honeywell Control Center

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