If you have it,
they will come.

Make your patio the best around

Patio weather 365 days/year

Want the best game in town? Serve up perfect patio weather, and you’ll find guests will come more frequently and stay longer. Schwank patio heaters, HVLS fans and doorway air curtains can dramatically extend your patio season. It’s an improvement that pays for itself in a single season, in most cases. True to the Schwank brand, your Schwank patio system will perform well, look sleek, and last for years. We carry a wide range of options to ensure your patio will be the one diners choose.

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Exceptional quality

Schwank is a leader in customized energy-efficient heating & cooling solutions for commercial and hospitality spaces.


Built-to-last design rooted in our history of German engineering

Local manufacturing for short lead times

Energy-efficient technology


Complimentary design service


Good old-fashioned customer service


“I would definitely recommend patioSchwank heaters. Having had the experience of previously using mushroom head heaters, there’s just no comparison … [and] the customers love them.”

Eric Hammersane
Owner, Dry Dock Waterfront Grill