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Infrared Heating

How Does IR Heating Work?

Explanatory video to share how infrared heating works, and the benefits of choosing an infrared heat for your space.

Air Curtains

Comparing Airflow

See the effects of airflow when you have an air curtain in place versus the effects of airflow when there isn’t an air curtain in an open doorway.

HVLS MonsterFans

What is a MonsterFan? 

Explanatory video to show how our fans provide monster comfort by moving monster amounts of air volumes at a slow non-disruptive speed.

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Case Study: Patio Heating

Extend your patio season

Owner of Dry Dock Waterfront Grill in Longboat Key, Florida shares the benefits of having a 2-Stage heating option for his outdoor restaurant patio.

Air Curtains

How do Air Curtains work?

Schwank Air Curtains create a 90% seal for your doorway to save energy and create a more comfortable working environment.

HVLS MonsterFans

Destratification with HVLS Fans

Save energy for your heating system in the winter by eliminating warm air from rising to the ceiling.

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