builderSchwank Indoor Commercial Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

Best Energy Efficient Infrared Heaters Featuring Economy and Performance

builderSchwank S100 Tube Heater

This builderSchwank economical radiant tube heater is ideal for indoor or outdoor commercial and industrial applications and offers many of the key heating features found in the premierSchwank models.

These indoor outdoor heaters are energy efficient Infrared Tube Heaters that use Schwank’s famous infrared radiant tube technology – an affordable heating alternative to traditional heaters, which just warm the surrounding air.

As one of the most economical radiant tube heaters on the market for spot heating distribution and production facilities, the builderSchwank can reduce fuel costs by up to 50%. Built using Schwank’s low cost heating system design, the builderSchwank energy efficient heater provides a quick payback period.

builderSchwank Economical Heating Design Features

There are several key product features that make builderSchwank radiant tube heaters an energy efficient infrared heating solution for loading dock and production facilities:

  • Whisper-Quiet system reduces noise level and increases employee comfort
  • Fold down Clam Shell burner enclosure design offers affordable on-site service with zero down-time

Also Available in 2-Stage for Dual Heat Settings

There are several key product features that make the 2-Stage radiant tube heaters an energy efficient infrared heating solution for loading dock and production facilities:

  • 2-Stage heating system lowers energy consumption and increases equipment life by reducing ON/OFF cycles by up to 35%

The Schwank Advantage for Economical Heating

The builderSchwank radiant tube heater comes highly recommended as the most economical room heater and is backed by Schwank’s superb value and service, including:

  • Fuel cost analysis and investment evaluation for economical room heater solutions
  • Economical shop heater planning and free heating design support
  • Highly rated customer service with quick lead times and low service claims
  • 5 year replacement warranty on the infrared radiant tube

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Order Our Most Economical Tube Heating Option Designed for Warehouses and Loading Docks

For more information about Schwanks’ energy efficient radiant tube heaters or to learn how easy and affordable it is to install the builderSchwank, [the most energy efficient room heater] into your warehouse or loading dock, please:

  Toll Free: 1-877-446-3727 [USA & Canada]
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Suitable for:

  • warehouses
  • manufacturing
  • distribution centers
  • vehicle maintenance
  • and other commercial/industrial applications