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New to SchwankApplied?  There is a series of Onboarding MicroTraining sessions available to reference as you need. 

MicroTraining 1 PPT

MicroTraining 2 PPT

MicroTraining 3 PPT | IR Heating Overview

MicroTraining 4 PPT | Outdoor Heating

MicroTraining 5 PPT | MonsterFans HVLS Fans

MicroTraining 6 PPT  | Air Curtains

MicroTraining 2.5 PPT | Schwank.ONE 

MicroTraining: Recap of SchwankApplied Incentive Program

MicroTraining: Learning the Applied Rep website portal

Product training materials

View the latest training materials and videos to stay current on Schwank products.

SchwankApplied Product Overview PPT

superTube Extreme Series

Intro training powerpoint

Schwank.ONE System Controller

Schwank.ONE Interactive Demo

Intro training video (watch below)


Schwank Product Crossovers

High Intensity Heaters Crossover Chart

Low Intensity Heaters Crossover Chart

Air Curtain Crossover Chart

HVLS MonsterFans Crossover Chart

See all technical documents

Manuals, Submittals, AutoCAD, Revit, and more…

Welcome introduction (PPT)

Deep dive into Schwank.ONE (PPT)

Lead the specification with Schwank Air Curtains (PPT)

Basics of infrared heating (PPT)

Experience superTube and superTube Extreme (PPT)

High-intensity heaters for industrial applications (PPT)

Understanding MonsterFans HVLS (PPT)

Systems selections for industrial applications (PPT)

Hospitality / Outdoor climate systems (PPT)

Small group exercise (PPT)

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