Why Choose Schwank Infrared Heaters?

Schwank is for people who really care about energy savings, product quality, environmental performance and service and support.

That’s what we care about, and it’s a big reason why Schwank is the world’s number one selling infrared heating solution. Here are a few Schwank facts:

Energy savings

Save your energy.

  • End users can save up to 65% on their heating bills – because Schwank gas-fired IR heaters are more efficient than traditional forced air systems.
  • See a return on your heating investment fast, in a little as one year’s time – Schwank’s high ROI makes it possible.
  • Cut energy waste. With traditional heating systems, way too much heat winds up at the ceiling. Schwank’s products deliver up to an unequaled 81% radiant efficiency, so you can warm the people, not the rafters.
  • Surpass the industry standards with ease. All Schwank gas-fired products greatly exceed ANSI’s 35% infrared heater radiant efficiency standard.

Product quality

Which dimensions of product quality are most important to you: How well it performs? How long it holds up? Or how well it fits your needs?


  • Greater comfort for less operating costs and hassle – Schwank’s energy efficiency and design flexibility enables you to get uniform comfort at floor level, simply and more economically than with any other solution. If you like, we can show you how with a custom design for your applications, free.
  • Have high ceilings? No worries. Only Schwank heaters can keep your people comfortable even when mounted as high as 180 feet [55m] above the floor! [Check out our exclusive supraSchwank heater.]
  • Stay at the head of the class – every Schwank product is designed to outperform its class in energy efficiency. So you never have to worry when you choose Schwank.


  • Our products are engineered and designed by Schwank’s German quality standards. Hence, Schwank prides itself by claiming  the lowest warranty claims in the industry at less than 0.5%. We provide better performance and more durability.


  • Better fit means better performance and savings. Schwank’s exceptionally wide product range means there’s a Schwank solution designed for you — whether your need is for a factory, warehouse, airplane hanger, restaurant, convention center or sports stadium.

Environmental performance

  • Reduce CO2 emissions [and your energy bills] by up to 65% with Schwank’s higher efficiency solutions
  • Don’t waste heat – get up to 81% radiant efficiency with Schwank heaters