Schwank IR Controls Lower Infrared Heater Operating Costs

The Schwank controls strategy

The best infrared heater control strategy uses both the radiant and ambient temperatures to set the comfort temperature for people. This results in reduced heat loss, efficient infrared heater performance and lower operating costs.

Control panel options

Both the Schwank ThermoControl Plus and the TruTemp IR Thermostat infrared heater controls use this strategy.

Central system control

Optional communication with an existing building management system [BMS], or computerized IR Heating System Management can be accomplished by using ThermoControl Plus and communications modules.

Remote control communications modules are available for both of the above strategies.

Other IR controls available:

  • line voltage control
  • 24 V control
  • moisture resistant control for wet applications
  • 2-stage thermostatic control
  • panel controllers for arenas
  • panel controllers for patios

Have a Question about IR Controls?

Please contact a Schwank Heater representative if you have any questions about our IR temperature controllers.

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